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Thank you very much for visiting our website. We hope that you will find in us your ideal partner for parts and assemblies machining services and we can become your factory.

A glimpse to our services

We offer you 5-axis CNC , multitasking and swiss-type, machining services

Laser cutting services up to 3000 x 1500 mm, up to 20mm, with CO2 and fiber technology 

Thanks to tube laser cutting technology, we reduce the costs of machining metal structures

Our companies have the latest generation of CNC punching machines combined with laser, folding and CNC panel benders

We have two welding robots and 8 manual positions with the capacity to weld aluminum, galvanized iron and other alloys

We are certified under the UNE EN ISO13485 standard and specialized in machining for third parties of implants for orthopedics and trauma

We are a group of

Machining and Sheet Metal Companies

with the aim of improving your subcontracting processes for machining parts and assemblies

13485 machining
medición de piezas mecanizadas en tridimensional

We offer manufacturing services by CNC machining. Milling Centers, Turning, Laser Cutting, Punching, Sheet Metal Bending, Welding and Machinery Assembly. All from a single supplier and with interlocutors who speak the language of your Company. A Group of Machining Companies in Valencia (Spain) at your entire service

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Our goal is to improve your manufacturing processes, offering you all the processes of CNC machining, laser cutting, sheet metal work and assembly of machinery and sub-assemblies, reducing transport and management times and costs. We manufacture your products, regardless of the industrial sector to which your Company belongs throughout all of Spain and Europe

Quality comes first

Currently Mipesa Mecanizados is certified in two business units under the UNE-EN ISO9001 and UNE-EN ISO13485 standards. You can go to the Quality area of our Machining Companies to obtain more information and download the latest certificates issued by accredited entities

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We work for the automotive industry, so we have incorporated the APQP methodology, in order to guarantee the manufacture of mechanized products without failures

How can we help you?

If you are still scrolling it is likely that your company has the need to contract one or more manufacturing processes. If that is the case, we are certain that the following information is useful for you.


Design your Project

We do not design. We do not have any own product, therefore, we provide you a total guarantee of privacy. Even so, if you wish, you can send us your NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and we will return it signed. At the same time, you will receive a form to register as a client and thus respect the RGPD.


Send us your Design

We don’t design. We don’t have our own product. Hence, privacy is totally guaranteed. However, you can provide us with your confidentiality contract and we will hand it back to you signed if you wish. You will also receive a form to sign up as a customer. By doing this, you will be respecting the RGDP law.



Send us your drawings, and 3D solids if possible (or DWG in the case of laser cutting).

Unfortunately, we don’t produce single units. Our manufacturing, due to our company’s structure, starts off from 25 to 30 units.


Let’s Work

If economic conditions and delivery time adapt to your companies expectations, we can start working together. We hope we are able to meet your company needs and start a long lasting journey with you very soon.

Customers talk about us

Next we wanted to have some of our clients so that they are the ones who expose the advantages they have found when working with us.

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Packaging Machines

According to the implementation of our Lean innovation processes, we were looking for an industrial partner, aligned with our objectives. 

With the integration of Mipesa into our supply chain, we can offer to the market new competitive advantages, such as quality, service and flexibility. 

Mipesa has the capability to provide a full range of services like machining, laser cutting, sheet metal works and assemblies. They always understand our needs and are focused to the market requirements.

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Squeezing Machines

From the very first time, Mipesa worked like another department into our business process.

Adding on the excellent service of machining parts, both in stainless steel and in other plastic materials, the main difference of Mipesa compared to the rest of providers, is the performance of the assembly of the “core” of our machines.

Their production capability and the flexibility shown in every order shipped, makes Mipesa an essential part into our supply chain.


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Cinema Equipment

During the last years, Servicevision has experimented a very important growth of our customer’s demand. 

We were able to attend this demand thanks to the collaboration with Mipesa. Moreover, their capability has been very helpful, simplifying the contract proceses, taking care of the assemblies and the machining of critical and high precision parts.

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Shower Plates

The main qualification that makes big the difference between Mipesa Group and the rest of providers, is the enormous professional skill of their team, that makes the product development easier, from the sketch to their implementation into our production process.

Their proved capabilities of adapting to the market’s needs and the quality of the service, makes Mipesa a strategic provider, a reference into the machining and into the stainless steel metal work industry.

Do not hesitate and contact us

We are looking forward to meeting your needs and collaborating with you, becoming your factory. 

Tell us what you need, what are your quality requirements, send us your documentation and we will study it to offer you our best proposal, from our two machining companies. 

One single request for all your manufacturing needs