CNC Machined Parts

As a CNC Machining Services Company, we provide you with important infrastructures with a wide range of CNC machinery, capable of handling serial manufacturing of highly complex and highly precise mechanical components.

We can produce highly complex and precise mechanical parts, thanks to a wide range of CNC machinery.

In production processes, the manufacture of fixation tools becomes vitally important. We could say that 75% of the success of good machining originates from good tooling design. At MIPESA we are experts in manufacturing and our guarantee goes through the design of the process, from the development of the CNC program to the verification of the quality of the final product.

In terms of materials, we have experience in the machining of of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, technical plastics and other types of non-ferrous alloys. Specifically, we have equipment made up of numerical control machines and specialist technicians for different materials, such as metal in general, plastics or specifically aluminum.

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Cnc machining services
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CNC Milling Parts

Customers are increasingly looking for CNC Machining Companies capable of offering precision and quality. 

In terms of milling, we are betting on the incorporation of a significant number of 5-axis CNC centers that eliminate the second and third phases, with which that greater agility in terms is provided, by avoiding inter-phase downtime. 

On the other hand, this technology allows to tackle pieces of greater complexity and level of requirements with a greater guarantee of success.

CNC milling parts
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CNC Turning Parts

At MIPESA we are more than a machining workshop. You have at your disposal both conventional CNC lathes, swiss-type lathes, automatic turning machines, as well as multitasking CNC lathes

The multitasking turning machines, with their motorized tools, are capable of finishing a part in a single clamping, offering high precision as well as adjusted costs and very high precision, reducing the need for handling and secondary operations.



After the part machining process, and to simplify the management of our clients, we have our own and external means to attend to the surface finish of the manufactured products.

We offer you processes such as zinc plating, galvanizing, painting, anodizing, polishing, zirconia blasting, glass or corundum microsphere, heat treatments, electropolishing, passivation, etc.

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CNC Machining Services

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At MIPESA we are constantly monitoring technology to have the latest in cnc machine tools, as well as the latest generation tools with the highest performance. 

Every time the requirements in terms of materials and finishes are more demanding, that is why our Purchasing Team is specialized in critical aspects such as special tools for aluminum, for plastic, etc … because in the CNC machining of parts we have no rival.

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