Laser Cutting Services

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Laser Cutting Services

Within Grupo Mipesa, SAPEMI MECANIZADOS is your laser cutting workshop in Spain.

Since the beginning of the activity, back in 1999, we have been adapting to the technologies that the market is making available to us, in order to offer you competitive laser cutting services prices.

For this reason, our equipment is available to you, both for significant thicknesses and for thin sheets, which require a high precision cut free of projections and with a suitable finish for each need.

We also have automated processes for removing burrs and projections, which allow us, at the same time, to offer you satin surface finishes and edge-free rounded edges.

Laser Cutting Services
Laser Cutting Company in Spain
corte láser de metal

Whatever material you need, contact us and we will try to help you. The main materials we work with are the following:

  • Stainless Steel.
  • Different Iron Alloys.
  • Galvanized Iron.
  • Aluminum.

From a few pieces, to large series, we want to become your laser cutting company

Keep on reading to discover all our sheet metal processes and our laser cutting services.

Laser Cutting and CNC Punching Services

Recently we have incorporated a CNC punch laser machine just to offer you greater flexibility and better parts service times.

By the punching technique, process times are reduced compared to laser cutting, although sometimes investment in tools is necessary. For this reason, punching makes much more sense when working long series of parts.

Furthermore, with this technology it is possible to serve a greater diversity of materials, even some non-metallic ones.

punzonadora caldereria
laser punzonadora
corte laser punzonado
caldereria piezas
Laser punzonado y plegado

Sheet Metal Bending and Laser Cutting Services

But at SAPEMI, we not only offer you CNC laser cutting services. We also have the necessary resources to carry out their bending, welding, painting and mechanical construction work in general. All this thanks to the business symbiosis achieved through our GROUP.

Sheet Metal Bending and Curving

Three CNC Bending Machines and a Panel Bender, allow us to provide you curved and bended sheet metal parts, in thickness from 0,5mm to 15mm.

In our sheet metal works area you could find further information.

plegado de chapa metálica
soldadura caldereria


If you need finished sets, don’t worry. We have two welding robots and eight manual welding stations, to meet almost any welding need.

  • Stainless Steel.
  • Galvanized Steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Other alloys.

Steel Constructions

We also have extensive experience in the realization of metal constructions both in tube and structural profile, as well as in thick metal sheet.

  • Machines Structures.
  • Protections & Covers.
  • Machines Covers.
  • Urban furniture.
corte laser tubo

Further information about Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technique used to cut sheet metal parts. This technique is characterized by its energy source, a laser beam that focuses its light on the work surface. In this way, the material melts due to the high temperature reached at the focus of the beam.

In order to evacuate the molten material, it is necessary to supply a pressurized gas such as nitrogen or argon. Through gas we obtain two fundamental principles:

Evacuate the molten metal.
Generate an inert atmosphere to avoid the oxidation of the metal in the molten state.
Among the main advantages of this type of manufacturing of parts, we find the absence of tools that, while increasing the cost of the process, allow a great speed in the service and give great flexibility. Furthermore, we are not limited by any type of geometry, beyond the precision of the machine, which is in the order of 0,02mm.

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